Civil & Human Rights

Civil and Human Rights Lawyers Serving the Unites States

Lawyers at our firm serve the entire country and outside of the country as well. Our goal is to win, with zealous, ethical advocacy in a manner that promotes and protects civil and human rights for both our clients and systemically throughout our society. That means that beyond our constitution, we also challenge corporations and public officials on a daily basis though individualized cases and class actions. We take on the Security Exchange Commission regarding fraud charges; Federal Deposit Insurance Cooperation with respect to false allegations of insider trading under Regulation O; large trucking companies that deny liability with respect to serious injuries caused by their drivers; billion-dollar hedge fund companies who run tax schemes on ordinary people by overcharging them in an attempt to levy on innocent tax payers’ property. Bottom line: we protect and promote the rights of all people, especially those rights being violated by an abuse of power.

We currently have cases in Virginia, Texas, Alabama, New Jersey, Georgia, and Florida, among other states. We also have practiced before the Inter-American Human Rights Commission regarding recognized international human rights under the American Convention on Human Rights and other treaties such as the International Treaty on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.