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Going Against the Giants

We go up against the giants and win. From shutting down government investigations, to suing large hedge funds and tax collecting corporations, to representing clients against the trucking industry and medical industry, attorneys at Derechos Humanos have the resources, knowledge, and persistence to beat these industries at their own game. And have done so. Trucking cases have specific laws that apply to them and each state is different with respect to which entity may be sued, for example, sometimes the actual insurance company can be named in a trucking case under a direct-action statute. Some states in medical malpractice cases require an expert to write a preliminary report prior to filing suit but the report does not have to be disclosed, whereas in other states, an expert affidavit must be attached to a complaint. Regarding lawsuits against public officials and entities, most states require a notice of claim to be sent to the government being sued, but the requirements differ from state to state, for example, at least one state has a general rule regarding the time period in which you must serve a notice of claim—but a local county or municipality may adjust that statutory time period. And a notice of claim might not even matter depending on whether your claim is a federal claim or state claim regardless of whether you are suing in federal, or state court. Point being, the process requires experience, and our attorneys at Derechos Humanos have gained that experience from litigating and winning all over the country.

We take on entities such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of Justice, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Company when those entities abuse their power. We have also assisted and worked with government agencies when those agencies, in our opinion, are promoting constitutional rights and the rule of law, consistent with our principles regarding the inextricable connection between human and civil rights.