Tax Claims

Tax Claims Regarding Fraudulent Overcharges

We have dealt and are dealing with specific tax claims that have affected hundreds if not thousands. It’s simple. Our clients have experienced an inflated tax assessment that they challenge before the tax commissioner with an appeal to reduce the tax. While the assessment is on appeal, private tax companies purchase the tax “fi-fa” from the commissioner to collect on the tax. The private company assessed interest rate(s) and penalty fees on the inflated tax assessment. While trying to collect, the tax commissioner reduces the tax assessment. At that point, our clients want to pay, but they want to pay interest rates and penalties on the reduced tax assessment. The private company refuses and attempts to levy on the property at issue to force our client to pay an assessment that the company knows are based on a false, inflated sum on money that has been reduced. This in common terms is called an overcharge, and in legal terms is tantamount to fraud.

If an assessment is $7M and is legally reduced to $4M, then the interest rates and penalty fees must be assessed on the $4M. We are fighting against the large corporation and hedge fund that is robbing hard working taxpayers every day. If you have experienced something like the above, call us immediately; our civil litigators are prepared to give you a free consultation.