The People We Serve

The people we serve come from all walks of life. Our singular mission is to provide access to justice in a manner that is effective regarding the result you want, on top of producing a result that creates the broadest, most positive effect amongst the most people—to enhance the respect for everyone’s inherent worth and dignity.

People We Serve - Mr. Riggleman

Mr. Riggleman is the courageous Plaintiff in our recently filed Hepatitis C class action. Read our blog to learn more: Many human beings such as Mr. Riggleman have Hep C while under the care and custody of the Virginia Department of Corrections (VDOC). Mr. Riggleman and so many others are suffering from the debilitating effects of Hep C, and medical records demonstrate that VDOC officials understand this serious problem. But, the VDOC has refused to treat Mr. Riggleman and so many others because of a policy that only treats those who have essentially reach(ed) near-fatal stages of the disease. Our attorneys at Nexus Derechos Humanos disagree and argue that the VDOC’s policy is unconstitutional because if you know that a human being under your care and custody is suffering from a disease, the VDOC officials have a constitutional mandate to treat those suffering from diseases such as Hep C, especially when—like now—a cure exists.

People We Serve - Michael Moore

Michael Moore experienced an unfortunate and disturbing death. Moore was pulled over by a Mobile, Alabama Police Officer. He followed commands, according to seven witnesses, by getting out of his car and holding his hands in the air. Nevertheless, the police officer fatally shot him. The first news media report stated that a gun was found in the car; then, the story changed. The next story claimed Moore reached for a gun. But the problem is that no gun was ever found on the scene. After being rolled over at the scene, picked up and placed on a stretcher, handcuffed behind his back, Moore was taken to a nearby hospital. He was wearing basketball shorts and a T-shirt, that’s all. Once he arrived at the hospital, a gun was allegedly found. Our attorneys at Nexus Derechos Humanos have stood up for the Moore family and filed a law suit against the officer. The case is ongoing. Call us for a free consultation regarding the unlawful use of deadly force by law enforcement officers. These cases require extensive knowledge in the area to provide a realistic and accurate assessment of the case.

People We Serve - Carey Hixson

Carey Hixson is also a courageous plaintiff who has stood up against the Rockingham Regional Jail (RRHJ) in Harrisonburg, Virginia, to fight for the rights of human beings incarcerated at RRHJ to be given prescription medication for chronic illnesses such as Diabetes. Mr. Hixson went into RRHJ with diabetes diagnosed as a chronic illness from which he had suffered, for years. Officials at RRHJ refused to provide him with any medication to treat his known diabetes. Our attorneys filed suit to uphold Mr. Hixson’s constitutional right to his diabetic medication, and to also help guarantee that other people incarcerated at RRHJ receive their diabetic medication, and other prescribed medication to treat other diagnosed, chronic illnesses. Our attorneys are litigating Mr. Hixson’s case in a manner to help every inmate incarcerated at RRHJ, so these jail officials know that resolving Mr. Hixson’s case is not enough. Call us for a free consultation on issues regarding jail officials refusing to provide medication for a known chronic illness. Our attorneys fight hard in this area and will continue to do so.

People We Serve - Lieutenant Terry Joyner

Lieutenant Terry Joyner is a courageous officer whom we represent in a joint action against the former Police Chief of Atlanta, the current Police Chief of Montgomery, Alabama, and the City of Atlanta, amongst other defendants. Mr. Joyner is the victim of a racial discrimination scheme, according to our complaint, that inevitably discriminates upon both white and black officers with the Atlanta Police Department. Our attorneys are pursuing a lawsuit to gain justice for Mr. Joyner while also eradicating the APD’s racial discrimination promotional scheme. Lt. Joyner is still currently with APD and his case is ongoing within the Northern District Court of Georgia, located in Atlanta, GA. Call us for a free consultation regarding unconstitutional discrimination. We believe in the Constitution and we select cases such as Lt. Joyner’s when that case advances diversity and equality in a manner that respects historical suffrage, labor and civil rights movements.

People We Serve - Robert Turner

Robert Turner. Our attorneys filed a suit against the Charlottesville police department (CPD), because CPD officials knowingly permitted KKK sympathizers to beat Mr. Turner and so many others. In this Country, we cannot permit officers to intentionally allow hate crimes to be committed in said officers’ presence—without any attempt to stop these hate crimes as they occur. Our suit gained national attention: we appeared on the Fox News Tucker Carlson show to discuss this issue. Mr. Turner’s case represents a serious constitutional issue because law enforcement officers cannot permit hate crimes to transpire before their eyes—and do nothing about it. Call us if you have seen officers permit people (to) commit hate crimes against others.